root is denied the ability to change permissions?

u235sentinel u235sentinel at
Thu Dec 25 00:42:18 UTC 2003

That or perhaps PAM problems?

I wonder if any files/directories anywhere can be changed (say in /tmp 
for example).

>Am Mi, den 24.12.2003 schrieb Dennis Calhoun um 23:09:
>>> Yup, it seems very odd to me and I've found no way around it, but when
>>> I try to use *any* means of changing the permissions on certain
>>> things, root is denied the ability to do so. I want to make a slave
>>> drive, that I've properly mounted, open for writing to it under my
>>> regular username instead of having to log out completely and log back
>>> in as root. So far I cannot find a way for root to be able to change
>>> this.
>>> Any idea why this is and what I can do about it?
>>> If more info is needed, please be simple and clear about exactly what
>>> you want me to get from where and I will gladly supply it.
>>> sincere thanks for all the help I've gotten in here already!
>>> --
>>> Dennis C.
>I bet the drive/partition you are speaking about has a fat32/ntfs
>filesystem on it. On such systems you can't chmod/chown.

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