wireless help newbie

Michael E. Adams meadams at gmpexpress.net
Sat Dec 27 21:39:03 UTC 2003

> 2.  Can anyone tell me how to configure the netgear ma401 to work?  

Just an option if all else fails...

A company named Linuxant (www.linuxant.com) has a product called a
driver loaded that will allow you to use your Windows XP wireless card
drivers under Linux. You can try it for free for 30 days and pay $20 for
an unlimited license. I use it with my Linksys wpc54g card and it will
also work with the Linksys wpc11 version 4 card. It is well worth the
$20 dollars to have my wireless card working under Linux. The driver
loaded is reported to work with just about any wireless card. Under
Fedora, for some reason, I must remove and re-insert my wireless card
after booting to get it to connect to my Linksys access point. I didn't
need to do that under Redhat 9. A minor nuisance. Other than that, it
works perfectly. I am not an open source purist. I don't mind having to
pay $20 to get my wireless hardware running under Linux.


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