LTP results on FC1?

Elton Woo elwoo at
Sun Dec 28 02:10:49 UTC 2003

leam wrote:

> I just read the "Putting Linux reliability to the test" article on 
> IBM's developerWorks site, and it references the "Linux Test Project".
> I'm not overly familier with test suites, are there others we can run 
> against our systems and help provide data? Are there particularly 
> useful test sequences we can run?

I've had a cursory look at the contents of the latter (second link in 
the above message).
Though it's obviously for developers, I wonder if an ordinary user like 
(non-programmer) might use / find this of use, and perhaps provide some 

IMHO, though I am on a standalone machine connected to the Internet, and not
running server, it appears that some of the tests *could* return useful 
on the state and performance of my hardware... am I correct in so assuming?

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