no display with kernel 2.6.0

Alimin Bijosono Oei alimin_oei at
Sun Dec 28 05:47:49 UTC 2003

>> I downloaded kernel 2.6.0 from
>>> installed it.
>>> Problem appeared on reboot into the the new kernel. It got to the point
>>> where X was supposed to start but nothing turned up, the screen just
>>> went blank. Has anybody experienced the same thing? The installed 
> fedora
>>> was an upgrade from RH 9 before.
>> How do things go with the rawhide 2.6 kernel ?
>> (Also available at
> It still gave me the same result, blank screen. By the way, this is a
> Compaq Presario 1500 laptop. Perhaps there is something particular to
> laptop display setting? I was googling and found out that some people 
> also had this kind of experience but that was a while ago during 
> 2.6.0-pre testing phases. I would hope that by now it should have been 
> fixed but it wasn't the case for me. In the end, I decided to do full 
> clean reinstall of Fedora instead of upgrading from existing RH9 
> installation and that solved the problem. Perhaps others want to verify 
> this or perhaps it was just my setting that was wrong somewhere.

I think I found the cause for the problem. If I set the display setting 
to have million colours (24 bit), the problem occurs again. If it is set 
to be thousand colours (16 bit), X will just start fine into kernel 
2.6.0. Has anybody experimented this too? Hopefully this can give some 
useful input.


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