Radeon 9700 Overheating???

Matt Brei mbrei at carolina.rr.com
Sun Dec 28 06:41:00 UTC 2003

Yes, the fan is running.  I always check the fan.
On Fri, 2003-12-26 at 23:02, Elton Woo wrote:
> Matt Brei wrote:
> >Greetings,
> >
> >Anyone having what seems to be a heat problem with a 9700 or any other
> >newer radeon that uses the fglrx driver from ATI for that matter.  I
> >  
> >
> >Right away I shut down and opened up the case to feel the video card and
> >sure enough it was running quite hot.  I didn't feel like messing with
> >it so I just left the machine off so it could cool down over night.  At
> >first when I power up it runs fine.  In the time that its taken me to
> >get this far into this message it has started again.  I've tried another
> >
> Doesn't this video card come with an onboard fan? Have you tried running it
> with the case open just to make sure that the fan *is* indeed working? 
> ... if it *didn't*
> come with its own fan and heat sink, then you were sold bogus goods, 
> IMVHO...
> Your problem sounds more like a hardware glitch, rather than something 
> caused
> by software (...short of a virus !).
> HTH,
> Elton Woo ;-)

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