Kernel 2.6.0-1.104 and USB

Drew Dunn drewd at
Sun Dec 28 17:59:52 UTC 2003

I downloaded the 2.6.0-1.104 kernel and source rpms from and installed them, but
I cannot seem to get it to detect my USB system.  My system is a Pentium
III - 933 on the Via Apollo Pro chipset with 1.5GB of RAM.  It should
use the UHCI controller.  The most current 2.4 kernel recognizes the USB

I've tried rolling my own kernel from the sources, making sure that the
USB drivers are included, to no avail.  The problem is that I use a
Logitech USB keyboard and mouse combo, so without the USB controller, I
obviously have a serious problem.

I've looked through the mailing list archives, I've searched Google and
I haven't seen any problems that sound like mine - that leads me to
suspect that I've either done something wrong...the hardware that I have
is pretty common.

Another thing that seems odd is that my SCSI controller (Symbios using
the ncr53c8xx module in 2.4) also is not recognized by the 2.6.0 kernel,
yet the 2.4 kernel loads the module with no problem.

Any ideas?


Drew Dunn

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