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Sun Dec 28 18:38:13 UTC 2003

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Elton Woo wrote:
| Chuck Mead wrote:
|> Go grab Enigmail and your gpg signing/management become a snap with
|> mozilla -mail.
| This thread has caught my eye, and I've read all the replies _up to_
| and _including_ yours. I've installed enigmail (the version) for
| Mozilla 1.4, by launching mozilla from a root console, so it is now
| enabled for all users, and I now see "Enigsend" in the menu items
| when composing mail.
| Messages that have been signed, now show a red question mark
| with a pencil through it, and I have the option of importing the key.
| (I am sending this message unencrypted, though).
| Is there anything else that I need? ...I note a related thread titled:
| "Open PGP plug-in?", where there is mention of cryptplug.
| Do I need to install this? Or is enigmail all that I need?

Enigmail is all that you need.

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