Printing with Z35

Mark Litchfield ma1mal at
Mon Dec 29 02:57:38 UTC 2003

Do you mind if I ask how you managed to get the lexmark z35 to print locally on
Fedora Core 1?
The drivers supplied by lexmark assume you are using the lpd daemon, but cups is
the default in Fedora. I'm not sure how to set up the cups-lpd backend, once i
have installed the lexmark driver rpm. If you could tell me the steps you took
to install the driver and set up the printer queue that would be great.

With regard to printing from windows, have you read this section:

in the cups software admin documentation? It looks pretty simple to do in that
example, you just use samba and define cups as the printing command. There's
also a windows driver on the cups website, which apparently allows your windows
computer to directly talk to cups.

Thanks for your help


> I have a Linux computer as our main server for the home network.
> On the network, I have a windows laptop that connects to the
> Internet through the Linux server.
> Connected to the Linux server is a Lexmark Z35 printer via USB
> connection.
> I can install the Lexmark drivers for Linux and print to this printer
> just fine from the server, but the Windows laptop can not print through
> Linux to the printer.  I can set up the printer on Windows as text-only
> and it seems to print--but without any color.
> On the other hand, I have VMware installed on Linux, running Win2k.  I
> can share the printer with the WMware program, which allows the Windows
> laptop to print OK but the Linux server can't print through the VMWare
> to get to the printer, nor can it print directly to the printer since
> VMWare is using the USB port.
> Any ideas on how to get both computers to print to the printer at the
> same time?

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