xcdroast userhelper must be setuid root

Rick Stevens rstevens at vitalstream.com
Mon Dec 29 19:52:45 UTC 2003

dsyates wrote:
> Don't know how or why, maybe something to do with new kernel, but I
> don't think so.Running fedora core 1 fully updated. Ran xcdroast as
> recently as 12/23. Today I cannot even start it..I get the message that
> userhelper must be setuid root. /usr/sbin/userhelper is setuid root.
> Don't know what to do, or what may have caused this.

Works OK for me.  The current packages for that are:


Check to make sure you have those versions and verify that userhelper
is 31780 bytes.  You may want to reinstall usermode.
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