pulling out email addresses

Mark Haney mark.haney at doctordirectory.com
Mon Dec 29 19:56:04 UTC 2003

Well primarily because of the nature of our emails, we target specific 
groups even within the groups we have.  It's a painful explanation, but 
even more painful to try to work on.  WE are at the mercy of our clients, 
the pharmaceutical companies and need to be able to document how many 
emails were sent and how many were bounced per order.  Does any of that 
make sense?  Mailman would be perfect other than the nature of our 

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 14:47:21 -0500 (EST), William Hooper 
<whooperhsd3 at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Mark Haney said:
>> what I'm looking for is a tool that will
>> handle the bounces, pull the email address that bounced and dump it 
>> into a
>> text file for dumping into a database so that we don't keep sending to
>> dead accounts.
> Why not use mailman and not try to re-invent the wheel?

Mark Haney
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