cisco ip softphone

Greg fedora at
Tue Dec 30 00:50:44 UTC 2003

Thanks for the links, ill check them out.

On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 10:28, Jim Laverty wrote:
> Are you using Cisco Skinny or H.323?
> I have not used this, but it is
> GPL.  It utilizes RAT from the UCL for audio data processing and transport.
> It uses the NIST-SIP protocol stack for signaling.
> KPhone (supports IPv6 and is KDE
> based)
> Not released yet SJphone for Linux or FreeBSD
>, not sure if will be Q4 vaporware
> or not.
> If you are stuck using Windows is not a bad client
> since it is free.
> These open source projects might be of interest to you:
> (supports skinny and sip)

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