America's Army on D600 laptop

Ow Mun Heng ow.mun.heng at
Tue Dec 30 02:33:34 UTC 2003


I'm still using RH9 and not fedora. (don't feel the need to upgrade just
yet) By the time RH9 EOLs, FC2 might already be around. :)

Anyway, anyone had any luck running America's Army 1.9 on a D600 + RH9 +
2.4.33 kernel + Radeon 9000 + ALSA ? I keep getting hard locks on my laptop.
Keyboard and X is all locked up. SSH to the machine is still possible but
even killing of X has not effect. I can't get back my laptop without a

Anyone has any experiences in this area??

Cheers,                                                 .^.
Mun Heng, Ow                                            /V\
H/M Engineering                                       /(   )\
								The Linux


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