Rebuild mozilla from source results in large binaries

Taylor, ForrestX forrestx.taylor at
Tue Dec 30 04:21:17 UTC 2003

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> On Mon, 2003-12-29 at 15:54, Taylor, ForrestX wrote:
> > I downloaded the updated mozilla-1.4.1-18.src.rpm, 
> installed it and ran
> > `rpmbuild -bb mozilla.spec`.  The resulting rpm binaries are nearly
> > 100MB.  mozilla-1.4.1-18.i386.rpm is 77MB, whereas the 
> binary from Red
> > Hat is 15MB.
> > 
> > It looks like the /usr/lib/mozilla-1.4.1/components/ 
> directory is 182MB
> > (20MB originally).  For example, is 55MB in 
> my rebuild
> > where it is 4.4MB in the original binary.  When I run `strip
> > /usr/lib/mozilla-1.4.1/components/`, it strips it to
> > 4.4MB.  I just installed the binutils upgrade, so I am 
> trying that now. 
> > Does anyone have any other ideas?
> I just noticed the --disable-strip-libs option in the spec.  I changed
> it to --enable-strip-libs to see if that helps.

This is looking like a one-sided conversation ;o)

I upgraded binutils and set --enable-strip-libs, both to no avail.  Does
anyone know how the Red Hat developers rebuilt mozilla?



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