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Tue Dec 30 06:59:25 UTC 2003

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> Subject: Mount ntfs
> Is there any simple way to mount the ntfs partition read only 
> in Fedora? 
> I have been Googling for hours. I have been to 
> and there is not a rpm 
> there for the
> latest Fedora kernel. I have the fat32 partition on my drive mounted
> but the ntfs gives me a 'file system not supported in kernel" error.
> I have the settings entered into my fstab file.
Let me get things clear... You want to moun ntfs as read only. AFAIK, ntfs
support in linux _is_ read only. Write support is 'dangerous' but I do here
there's the program called 'captive' which is supposed to do that properly.

Then... you talk about fat32 partition.. fat32 is not the same as ntfs..

so.. if you want to mount a ntfs partition, you use mount -t ntfs...

if you want to mount fat32 you do.. mount -t vfat..

so.. what exactly is it you wanted again???

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