Umounting cd-rom: solution

Fabio Rosciano malmostoso at
Tue Dec 30 14:25:09 UTC 2003

Hi everybody,
this is my first post here ^_^ !

Anyway, according to this gnome-bugzilla article:

I have tried to upgrade fam to version 2.7.0, and it does resolve the umount bug: the cd's are correctly ejected without complaints.

The problem is that I screwed up the rpm db: apt-get -f install wanted to uninstall whole Gnome!
This because gnome-vfs2 (yeah, nothing important) couldn't find
Sounds strange to me, because "locate libfam" gave the same output on various machines (I asked in #fedora to test this for me) and on mine with the 2.7.0 version.

Anyway, I uninstalled and put back the 2.6.8 RPM and everything went ok: the bug was back.

Hope the fedora team will release a fam-2.7.0.rpm soon!


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