K3b: ide-scsi

Mihai Maties mihai at xcyb.org
Wed Dec 31 18:03:24 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 31 December 2003 19:47, John Wendel wrote:
> Excellent explanation, just a couple of additional points ...
> If you rebuild cdrdao from source, you can make it use the latest
> libraries from your cdrecord installation. This lets cdrdao work
> without scsi emulation. Sorry I can't remember the exact configure
> options, but the install doc explains everything clearly.

I did that and provided rpms for Red Hat 9 ( yum/apt repository  
http://rpms.xcyb.org/redhat/9/bleeding/ ) but since I'm not a cdrdao fan I 
didn't rebuilt the rpms for Fedora. :) Actually if I remember correctly 
something went a little wrong and cdrdao did not handle ATAPI devices very 
well so I dumped the idea.

> Scsi emulation is going away in 2.6, so everyone using ids-scsi needs
> to get ready.
> Does anyone know how to set K3B so it doesn't use cdrdao at all?

Actually you can't do that. Using cdrdao is hardcoded for some of the features 
but considering the fact that cdrecord supports [almost] all of cdrdao's 
features we should expect a future K3b version that will only use cdrecord.

Anyway you can enable "Manual writing application selection" in K3b and you 
will be able to choose cdrecord for all the features that support both apps 
for writing.


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