64 Bit Operation

jason pearl jpearl24 at cox.net
Wed Dec 31 17:33:54 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 09:22, David McCormick wrote:
> I am in the process of building a Athlon 64-FX box for use as a graphics 
> (video, digital photos) desktop.  I just wondered if anyone has tried 
> running FC1 as a 64 bit OS and how it works, and anything I should know 
> about installing and using it.
> Dave McCormick
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i had it running but some of the things like mozilla dont work in 64 bit
mode ... they will work in 32 bit mode..i dont think there is a flash
player for 64 bit but does work on 32 bit...
I also think theree is missing libs from being able to run 32 bit
programs on 64 bit os... am not 100% sure about all this i only used my
64bit for like a week and went back to 32bit for now because i couldnt
run my games.. but i was told the mandrake 64 was missing alotta libs
till it is released.. i use FC1 and mdk..
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