What about BootSplash?

Jef Spaleta jspaleta at princeton.edu
Wed Nov 5 03:44:47 UTC 2003

Arindam Dey wrote:
> So anybody from the Fedora project care to comment as to why something
> like this cannot be included ?

While your asking...why not ask the mainline kernel developers why its
not in the mainline 2.4 kernel..and more importantly why it was not in
the 2.5 development series and is not going to be in the 2.6 kernels.

<quote http://www.bootsplash.org/faq.html#4>
4) Will the bootsplash patch be included officially in future kernel

We would like to see that happen. But before that can happen, some
things have to be cleaned up. The framebuffer interface of kernel
2.5/2.6 is completely different from 2.4, which means that large parts
of the bootsplash have to be rewritten. Implementing other bit depths
than 16bit, and other picture loaders than the jpg one are things that
come to the mind. Also the userspace utility needs nicer config files.
There is currently no code that works with 2.5.

Now...maybe bootsplash is cool looking...and maybe its not. But from a
forward looking maintenance standpoint if its not going to work with 2.6
kernels that are coming up its not necessarily a good idea patch it in
now. And maybe its worse than that...maybe its not even a technically
good solution even as an add-on patch for the 2.4 kernels. But if my
wholly unqualified opinion on the matter isn't good enough to persuade
you that the important people know best in regard to this issue, maybe
this opinion holds a little more weight:    

-jef"cool kernel level eyecandy for eyecandy's sake is probably the fast
track to an unstable kernel"spaleta
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