X hangs on FC 1 install

Mark Heslep mark at mitre.org
Fri Nov 7 22:41:46 UTC 2003

Mike A. Harris wrote:

>On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Mark Heslep wrote:
>>This appears to be  dual head radeon related problem:
>>Attempted a clean FC 1 install via NFS.  Using a dual head card w/ two 
>>LCD panels attached.   Install gets through the Anaconda probes for the 
>>video card (ATI Fire GL X1), monitor (LCD NEC 1860 ) and USB mouse  and 
>>then hangs when  the Graphical Installer starts X  (killing the sync to 
>>the monitor).  A retry with a 'linux text' install works just fine.  
>>Same thing then happens w/ a subsequently running system when starting X 
>>using the stock config file.  SSH into the box shows the kernel still 
>>spinning and X, gdm-binary, greeter still running.  The XFree log shows 
>>no problems  (EEs).   Fix:  I had the 2nd NEC 1860 attached to the Fire 
>>GL during all this and the X log shows probing for it  though obviously 
>>there was no dual head configuration in the XF86Config file at the 
>>install point.  I unplugged the 2nd monitor from the Card and all is 
>>well;  X starts w/ out any trouble.
>This problem is specific to the X1, and possibly a few other high
>end cards. 
I suspected that - just tried the vesa driver on the X1 w/ the same 
effects - XFree86  hangs w/ both panels attached and runs fine w/ one.

> I have an X1, and hope to look into this problem
>within the next month.  Problem is, this hardware is AGP Pro, so 
>I hope this problem is reproduceable on Itanium, as the only 
>other AGP Pro mobo I have is my main workstation, and I hate 
>hijacking my workstation as a Franken-test-box.  ;o)
In the mean time where should I place efforts for a work around?  Xfree 
snapshots?  2.6 kernel?  Im using the Intel 7505 chipset which requires 
agp_try_unsupported=1 on the 2.4.22 kernel and I was curious if the 
problem was AGP related.  Or is it(gasp) ATI custom drivers w/ no Xinerama?

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