FC on old PC

Konrad Kosmowski K.Kosmowski at wsisiz.edu.pl
Sat Nov 8 13:37:49 UTC 2003

On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Martin Marques wrote:

> Is it posible to get FC1 to install on a PC with a 486 processor and 8MB of 
> RAM?

No - text based instalator (smaller one) needs 32 megs of RAM to run. 
But even if it would run on 8MB i won't probably work - 486 is a VERY 
old computer, it cannot run modern distributions or programs, try 
installing some old Slackware or Red Hat (probably 6.2) but I don't know 
if it will work, for sure you need oldish kernel (2.2) an libc instead 
of glibc, maybe XFree86 3.x if you need to run X but it probabli wont 
go. FreeBSD would work as an client (textbased terminal, or simple X 
terminal) on such hardware.

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