Fedora and Win2k dual boot.

Aaron Konstam akonstam at trinity.edu
Mon Nov 10 22:26:29 UTC 2003

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 05:03:09PM -0500, Fred Nastos wrote:
> Hi,
> I apologize that this is more general-Linux than Fedora specific.
> I have a dual boot set-up of Fedora and Win2k.  The Win2k is for the odd time 
> I may need it.  When I setup the computer, I first partitioned the harddisk 
> into three (via the Win2k installation): a NTFS partition, and two blank 
> partitions.  When I installed Fedora, I formatted the second partition as 
> ext3 (for the installation).  I also thought I'd be "clever" and format the 
> third partition as VFAT (with label /shared) so that both Win2k and Fedora 
> can access it (I heard that was possible).  Anyway, I wasn't as clever as I 
> thought.  The Win2k installation still sees this partition as unformatted. 
> Does anyone know how I can Win2k to see this linux formatted partition?
> Thanks much.
We have noticed in the past that W2K sometimes has problems with
Linux formatted VFAT partitions. Using the W2K or even easier might
be an appopriate DOS floppy to do the formatting might get you what
you need. 
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