SMB problem with RH9?

Dan Goodes fedora-list at
Thu Nov 13 04:53:55 UTC 2003

A complete stab in the dark here would be to check DNS. It might be that
FC1 (which uses samba 3.0.0) might be doing some dns lookups or something
there as part of the handshake process. I've suffered a similar thing with
SSH, where the server couldn't resolve my hostname/ip, and would sit there
for some time before giving me a passwd prompt.

As I said tho, that's just a guess.


On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, James  C. Bevier wrote:

> I have install FC1 and have a RH 9 gateway and another RH9
> system.  I can do "smbclient -L system2" and get a Password
> request immediately.  The same is true with two windows boxes
> on the local network (192.168.1.?).  But if I go to the gateway
> machine "smbclient -L gateway" there is a 3 minute 15 second
> delay before I get the Password prompt.  This same system worked
> with RH 9 install as well as SuSe 9.  There is nothing in either
> system's logs to point me anywhere.  Anybody have any ideas?
> Ping, traceroute, etc all work fine.  Smbclient also works from
> the other systems to the FC1 system.
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