fat32 problem ...

Johnathan Kupferer johnathan at gnuthought.com
Wed Nov 12 17:57:20 UTC 2003

Is it correct to assume it is from linux that you can't write to D:?  
How are you mounting these drives?  Can you show us the record in 
/etc/fstab for D:?  Are there any error messages when you mount the 
drive or anything in /var/log/messages?

- Johnathan

Michael Paffrath wrote:

>Hi all!
>I have installed the Fedora Core 1 a few days ago. I would like to
>switch from Windows to Linux but i got some problems ...
>I still have 2 fat32 partitions which i would like to keep. (Sometimes i
>have to boot windows for some reasons)
>The mysterious problem about those two partitions is that i can
>read/write one, but just read the other.
>The first partition (lets call it C:) is formatted by win2k installer
>and is 8.5GB of size.
>The second partition (lets call it D:) is formatted using mkfs.vfat and
>is 60GB of size.
>My impression is that size matters ;-)
>Can anyone give me a hint how i can use (at least) D: for both OS?

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