Evolution - delete mail behaviour

Brian Collins listbc at newnanutilities.org
Fri Nov 14 01:50:59 UTC 2003

> > thank you very much for your help. I will check that but after a first
> > look and testing with different settings it does not make a difference.
> > But I found the deleted messages in the trash folder. Though I more like
> > to have my message only being marked to be deleted and do an extra
> > expunge. We'll see.
> I had the opposite problem; I wanted the titles to disappear.  I found
> that I had to click on View > Hide Deleted Messages to get a check mark
> next to the menu item to get them to disappear.  Removing the check
> gives the action you desire.

Yep.  The trash folder in Evolution is only a view (or v-folder).  It
only contains copies of messages, or more appropriately I guess,
something akin to hard links to them.

--B C

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