Fedora watch list?

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Fri Nov 14 16:40:11 UTC 2003

Leonard den Ottolander (leonardjo at hetnet.nl) said: 
> > That or something similar.
>  Duh. Sorry to be nitpicking, but that answer translates to "yes or no". I 
> was thinking of filtering on subject, so I don't have to actively monitor 
> the Fedora test list to be aware of test updates. It's just that there are 
> periods that I do not monitor some of the lists that I am subscribed to, 
> like the fedora-test-list the last two weeks. Still think it's worth using 
> the test patches, especially the security related ones.

Well, the process is still in flux; for example, when I look at

Fedora Core 1 Update: <blah>

I see multiple potential issues:

- what if you want to do an update for multiple FC releases?
- how do you tag it if it's security related
- do you want ot put the update ID in the subject?
- how do you avoid this going off the edge of the mailreader? :)

So, will there be a defined subject format? Yes. Will it be the
exact way it is now? Probably not.


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