printing difficulties after upgrade to FC1

Matt Temple mht at
Sat Nov 15 15:39:37 UTC 2003

James Jones wrote:

> I've upgraded from RH9 to FC1 on my wife's computer, and now find that I 
> can't print. Looking around shows that /usr/bin/lpr is a symbolic link 
> to /etc/alternatives/print ... but that's a broken link to 
> /usr/bin/lpr.LPRng. In /usr/bin, the files lp, lpq, lpr, lprm, and 
> lpstat have analogous problems.
> I would guess that I should symlink them to the matching *.cups files in 
> /usr/bin (printconf-gui also expects lpr to be available, BTW), but OTOH 
> attempting to run lpr.cups gives a "scheduler not responding" error. Is 
> my guess correct, and why isn't the print queue getting started when I 
> first bring the machine up as it was before the upgrade? (Looking in the 
> log files didn't turn up any error message that looked related to 
> printing.)
I had the same problem.   LPRng is no longer supported -- you have to 
use the /etc/redhat-switch -- hmmm I'm not at the machine right now.
It might be in /usr/sbin or /usr/bin, but there's a little GUI utility.
You'll have to switch to CUPS which will fix all the 
/etc/alternatives... links.   Then you'll have to configiure some 
printers.   It's quite easy but also easy to forget.   You'll also have 
to start cupsd in /etc/init.d...

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