Fedora Directory Management Question

Richard E. Robbins RERobbins at iTinker.net
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-- Rich

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Richard E. Robbins wrote:

>I see that I can use mount --bind /raid/folder /folder to get the 
>effect that I want.
>How does that command get translated into something that I can stick 
>into /etc/fstab?
>I didn't think that I could use an entry in the form of /raid/folder 
>/folder.  Isn't the first field supposed to be a block device or remote 
>-- Rich
Assuming the mount of /dev/md? as /raid/folder entry in fstab ends in "1 
2" the above would look like:
/raid/folder    /folder    auto    bind    1 3

So it gets mounted *after* the raid device is mounted.

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