ATI OpenGL Question

Peter Backlund peter.backlund at
Mon Nov 17 07:35:08 UTC 2003

> Weird...I can see two possibilities: either you had some process using 
> 99% cpu that you didn't know of (yesterday), or some other user (root 
> for example) was logged in at a console before you logged in to X. That 
> way you won't get the correct permissions on /dev/dri/*, and 3d 
> acceleration will fail.

Hmm...just for the record, I think you can forget the last one. I've 
mostly worked with Nvidia, where the permissions problem arises from the 
fact that if person A logs into X, then logs out, he or she usually 
leaves a few processes behind (gconfd and/or kdeinit), so that the next 
person who logs in won't get ownership of /dev/nvidia*. This does not 
happen with proper DRI drivers such as the XFree ATI ones, since X 
manages the permssions of /dev/dri/* based on Section "DRI" in XF86Config.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention that. Another possibility would of 
course be that another user was simultaneously logged into X, using 
another server.


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