OT: RE: Top posting and "no subject" messages.

Nix, Robert P. Nix.Robert at mayo.edu
Tue Nov 18 20:49:25 UTC 2003

Just to take the other viewpoint, I prefer to have the newest material at the top of the post. If I've been following a "conversation", I don't want to have to relive the whole thing just to get to the next piece of information. I want the newest, most relavant information at the top. If that's "top posting" (I've never heard the term before now), then I'm all for it. If I get 10 messages in my in-box on the same subject, I really don't want to have to look through the first one ten times. I'd rather see the newest stuff at the top of each. Add to that the fact that the e-mail software that I use (both in Linux and Windows) places me above the quote at the start, and you have the makings of your typical "top poster". I refuse to take the time to cut the signature created by the client and move it to the bottom. Sorry; just not happening.

On the subject line issue, I have to agree; there's no excuse for subjects that are blank, (no subject), Digest such and such. And I'd also like to add to that list things like "Hi", "Newbie", "Help", etc.... Put something in the subject that has enough meat to it to describe the contents, without trying to include the entire message. There's one that's been going that the subject says something about smoke and such... I haven't opened any because the subject had no meaning to me. Use the subject line wisely, if and whenever possible.

Now.... What this possibly has to do with Fedora Core 1 or RedHat 10 or whatever.... I have no idea. Can we get back to the tech stuff and quit harping about how people type?

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