Fritz! Card PCI v2.0

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Thu Nov 20 02:45:04 UTC 2003

Am Mi, den 19.11.2003 schrieb Tim Methfessel um 17:02:
> Can you tell me how to build the kernelmodule? :) I'm no expert 
> concering linux.
> Perheps you can write exactly how to install these drivers (do I have to 
> remove the isdn-configuration)?
> You're from Germany? Is it allowed to write in German? :)

I'll carry on in English (for the other users)

I was wrong, you wont need any packages from AVM, everything is included
in isdnutils. So you should be able to setup a connection with
redhat-config-network. Make sure cardtype is set to Fritz!PCI v.2 (my
card was misdetected, I had to set type manually)

Did you try that?


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