Web Forums

Mark Mealman mmealman at tarsis.org
Fri Nov 21 19:40:57 UTC 2003

Are there any plans for some sort of official web forums for Fedora like 
what Gentoo has at forums.gentoo.org?

I know some people prefer mailing lists, but frankly having worked with 
only having mailing lists with Debian for 5 years and then having both a 
mailing list and web forums with Gentoo over the last year, I've found 
the Gentoo web forums to be invaluable.

A weekly newsletter, web forums for casual banter, mailing lists for 
more hard core work and the IRC channels for instant help I believe have 
helped Gentoo build one of the most solid user communities around, which 
in turn has made it one of the fastest growing distributions this year.

I see in Fedora a great technical base and a lot of growth potential, 
but is its community going to be restricted to just mailing lists and 
IRC? I think that would be a shame.


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