fedora core 1 and 2.6.0-test10 no cdrom or dvd.

Dan Goodes fedora-list at planetmirror.com
Tue Nov 25 00:23:52 UTC 2003

Hi Merc,

Sorry, I was simply going on what was written here:



ide-scsi is disabled. If you use cdrecord you need to use

cdrecord --dev=/dev/hdc

form from now on.


I wasn't implying that it was broken as such, but broken in the sense that 
applications that used to work, no longer did (particularly when RH/FC 
installs the 2.6 kernel with the same (Read: "ide-scsi") options as the 
2.4 kernel).

Sorry for the confusion.


On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Merc wrote:

> Hello,
> On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 19:03, Dan Goodes wrote:
> > Hi Dave,
> > 
> > What you need to do is disable ide-scsi. In your /etc/grub.conf file, find 
> > the "kernel" line for the 2.6.0-test10 line, and remove "ide-scsi" from 
> > it.
> > 
> > For some reason ide-scsi is broken, so you have to remove it and your 
> > cdrom will work. 
> [snip]
> FYI and AFAIK, ide-scsi is not so much broken, as deprecated.  Devices
> that used to be accessed with the SCSI emulation layer are natively
> supported by the IDE drivers in 2.6 and will present themselves as such.
> Just a note.


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