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A.J. Bonnema abonnema at
Tue Nov 25 00:26:48 UTC 2003

Taylor, ForrestX wrote:
>>Doing "fdisk -l /dev/sda" gives no result (it just returns).
>>The device is being recognized as a ND5010 Card Reader from Neodio 
>>Technologies Corp. using lsusb and lsusb -s 003:002 -v. Furthermore the 
>>disk is recognized correctly by cat /proc/bus/usb/devices as a USB 
>>Storage Device.
>>Anyone know what's wrong?
> You may have a problem like I did this weekend:
> The Fedora/Red Hat kernels don't have multi-LUN support (basically one
> device with multiple disks).  You can manually add the LUNs in /proc:
> echo "scsi-add-single-device 0 0 0 1" > /proc/scsi/scsi
> echo "scsi-add-single-device 0 0 0 2" > /proc/scsi/scsi
> echo "scsi-add-single-device 0 0 0 3" > /proc/scsi/scsi
> See if that helps.
> Forrest

Fantastic! Great! This is it! Thank you very much!!

And thank you for documenting the bug. It works like a charm. I'm very 
content I can finally read the bugger.....

What I wonder about is, how did you find the error and how did you find 
the statements to correct it?

I had really no idea it was soooo simple (well, it usually is once you 

Thanks again.

A.J. Bonnema, Leiden The Netherlands,
user #328198 (Linux Counter)

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