Transparent terminals?

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Tue Nov 25 00:18:18 UTC 2003

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Subject: Transparent terminals?

I see some really cool screen shots for Linux, and they often include 
completely transparent terminals - no border or menu bar or scroll bar... 
just text apparently floating over the background.  Very cool.

Are there recommendations for achieving this in Fedora?  Is eterm the only 
solution for this?

Thanks again for a great list!

Bill Johnson


I think you can do the same with gnome-terminal if you look around the
Well,.. Maybe the transparent bg but I don't know if the nautilas window
manager or KDE
 will let you hide the scrollbars and borders.
You can try building 'aterm' as I don't think
comes w/ Fedora. It's should be an easy build from source code. You can use 
'checkinstall' to make an rpm. it that suits

I'll try it when I get home.
Kevin B

Kevin B

Kevin B

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