Fedora and the System Administrator -- there are a lot of variables here ...

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 2 15:48:47 UTC 2003

David Holden said:
> When fedora is release will I beable to say to my boss, yes we can install
> fedora version "x" and be able to rely on redhat providing security
> updates
> for the next 2-3 years for that version,

Repeat after me, Fedora is not Red Hat.  If the Fedora Legacy project can
get you 2-3 years then it will be the Fedora Legacy project doing it, not
Red Hat.

> or will have have to say to my
> boss
> if you want a stable OS for 2-3year you will have to cough up $345 for
> system/per year.

IIRC your $345 also gets you any new versions of RHEL that comes out.  I
would also ask if you really need that many copies of ES or would WS do
for most of it (I mean heck, it has Apache even).

You also have the choice of finding a third party to provide you support. 
I've seen on these lists a couple of places that are offering to support
Valhalla after Red Hat EOLs it.

William Hooper

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