Fedora and the System Administrator -- Red Hat v. SuSE it is not ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Thu Oct 2 21:47:42 UTC 2003

Quoting Buck <RHList at towncorp.net>:
> For me, it looks like it will be SuSE.  I will be checking it out this
> weekend.

One thing I want to make clear is that I don't see it as "Red Hat v. SuSE."

Both Red Hat and SuSE have their "consumer" products as well as 
their "Enterprise" products.  In the case of Red Hat, it seems the "consumer" 
products will no longer be shrink wrapped.

SuSE will offer its SuSE Linux 9 Professional for x86-64 for $119.

But I think _many_ people are _forgetting_ that Red Hat will also be offering 
its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 for AMD64 for $179 via download with 1 year 

Now SuSE is going to ship the kitchen sink (6 CDs, 1 DVD) whereas Red Hat is 
shipping a desktop OS with limited services.  I'll admit to that.

But Red Hat is also shipping a GPL-anal distro, whereas SuSE has a habit to 
introduce all sorts of non-GPL dependencies.

Again, for _me_ (and I do not expect anyone else to feel obligated to agree), I 
like the Red Hat approach _assuming_ I can build Fedora packages from SRPM on 
RHEL WS 3.0 AMD64.

Again, I'll re-iterate, regardless of whether Fedora is a community or a Red 
Hat "focus area," it's in Red Hat's best commercial interest to ensure the non-
core Fedora packages at least build on their Enterprise series of products.

-- Bryan "I've beat this horse beyond 9 lives" Smith

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