Fedora and the System Administrator

Alan Thew alan.thew at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Oct 2 22:07:33 UTC 2003

Quoting Buck <RHList at towncorp.net>:

> You might be right, I may have misunderstood what he meant by the
> "bits".  If he were talking copyright stuff, you are right.  But you
> would have to remove all the Red Hat trademarks and art work and symbols
> as well.  However, I have read that RH imbeds them or attaches them in a
> way to destroy the normal operational abilities of the OS.  So it may be
> possible but it may also be very difficult.

They certainly made it harder in normal RHL given that I supported a local
Linux group by buying their downloaded RH ISOs with all logos.trademarks
removed and RH9 would not boot as easily as RH7.3 had... but "destroy"
seems rather er.. over the top IMHO.

> Buck
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> On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 15:42, Buck wrote:
> > >From what I hear, that would be in violation of their contract.
> > Additionally, it might also be known as pIrAcY.
> The you heard wrong. I get a Cd that is not redistributable when certian
> packages are redistributed, remove those packages and am left with a
> redistributable CD. You have to follow the trademark guidelines, but by
> removing those packages (plus the IBM ones) and not calling it Red Hat
> Advanced Server or other derivations, you're fine. Even RH says this.

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