Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions on SuSE incorrect?

Buck RHList at towncorp.net
Fri Oct 3 03:45:44 UTC 2003

For those of you who like to keep fresh blood on your hands, Fedora
might be better.  In this field, I am probably the old man (45) and I
don't care to see blood too long, especially if its my own.  

SuSE offers me the opportunity to start on what might be the bleeding
edge and then keep it maintained for at least a full year.  

Sure, I can't copy the disks and sell them on eBay, but I when my
customer wants a server or upgrades, I sell them a retail box copy.
What I save them in software, I can make up on in installation and

I truly love the public support for Red Hat such as this forum.  I
really did like the RHL model, but it's gone now.  If they announce a
substitute, it will be an option too.  After this Red Hat upset, my
partner and I decided to keep up with at least two Linux versions and
keep a review on others.  

What I mostly want in a Linux is to be affordable both to me and my
customer, duplicatable on multiple computers, and to be maintained for
an extended period of time.  I just find maintenance a little too short
with Fedora. 

As for burning CD-ROMS and selling them, there is a market for that but
I don't need to support that version. 

Good luck


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Bill Anderson wrote:

> A. Can you give it away/freely redistributable?
> B. Can you sell it? 
> Fedora:
> A: Yes
> B. Yes

> SuSE:
> A: Yes[1]
> B: No

> [1] You can't make any money whatsoever doing it, thus doing it for a 
> client is out. This is for Yast, dunno about Yast2. Even then it is a 
> maybe, it depends on what software is bundled with it. So far the only

> confirmation is from a *Sales* rep, not a legal rep.

from "YaST and SuSE Linux licence terms":

3 Dissemination
"It is forbidden to reproduce or distribute data carriers which have
been reproduced without authorisation for payment without the prior
written consent of SuSE Linux AG or SuSE Linux. [...]"

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