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John Hearns john.hearns at clustervision.com
Fri Oct 3 11:22:24 UTC 2003

On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Aaron Konstam wrote:

> > -- 
> I think the analysis if Martin's above succinctly gets to the core of
> the real problem. We at Trinity run 100 or so machines for student and
> faculty use and the Fedora Core just won't do it for us. We have not
> the staff for the fast turn around nor the money to purchase that many
> RHEL copies. (I am not sure but I am assuming your would need a

I'm sorry, but you're being slightly pig-headed here.
Its just a process of what IT managers have been doing for decades.

You choices are (and there may be more!):

A) make a case to management, and the user community ie. those staff who 
are telling you that they need Redhat (read Fedora) and won't use anything 
else. A case for more support staff and time to support Fedora.

B) go with RHEL, but again you need to make a case to the management for a 

C) go with another distro that suits your needs/pocketbook

Sorry if I'm sounding strident - I don't mean to.

As my grandmother used to say "A champagne thirst with a lemonade purse"

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