Fedora and the System Administrator -- there are a lot of variables here ...

Edward Croft ecroft at openratings.com
Fri Oct 3 12:20:11 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 17:42, Bill Anderson wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 10:40, Edward Croft wrote:
> > <snip>
> > 
> <sniP>
> Bluecurve.
> is.
> a.
> THEME/default app settings.
> Quoth the Raven "Nothing more".
> Maybe it's me, but I'd think an RHCE would know that. ;)
> >
Yes, I knew BlueCurve was a theme, but there was also writeups that they
did stuff to kde and gnome that ended up breaking some things in kde. I
probably didn't explain it properly. As I said to Brian, I think it was,
I was tired and frustrated when I wrote that and frankly ranting. Let me
clarify, when I first installed RH8 with BlueCurve, I was a bit put off.
But then again, RH always defaulted to Gnome. I was always able to
switch to kde and it would look like kde. With the advent of the
thhhheeeemmmmmeeee BlueCurve, when I switched to kde it still looked the
same. It apppppeeeeeaaaarrrrreeeed, that you were stuck with BlueCurve
look and feel. I had also heard that people had problems if they
attempted to load kde 3 on RH 8, so I didn't bother and learned to adapt
to the look and feel with BlueCurve. I probably could have gotten kde up
and running and dumped the whole BlueCurve look, but I was going through
a divorce, lost my home, then lost my job, and a multitude of other
things that left futzing with a desktop manager a very low priority. So
I adapted to the default. Yes, there is indeed a lot of flexibility with
Linux, but there is still a lot of shortcomings. A lot of time I am time
constrained and would like it if installing software was as easy and as
supported as on Windows. I remember back in '99 when Linus said that he
wanted two things, games for his kids, and ease of use and installation
so that his grandmother could use it. Well, we are getting there. My
wife, just got married two weeks ago, uses RH9 now. She really has no
problems. So it is getting there, but I still have trouble when I go to
a music site and can't get realplayer to work right. I even tried
Crossover Plugin, and that didn't work just right. I could futz with it
if I had the time, but that is it, no time. On Windows, you download and
run and it works. Okay, so the operating system has major problems, but
most things work out of the box. I don't have to go looking up how to
install drivers for webcams, scanners, et al. Okay, so I have an oddball
scanner that was only supported under 98, but hey. I figure, if I am an
RHCE, it all should be easy for me, but it isn't. I just about aced that
test, but still can't get music to play at a website. If I want to play
a DVD on my PC then I have to go and get plugins for the software
because the system doesn't come with it because of licensing. 
Anyway, don't get me wrong, I am a supporter of RHL. I use it both at
work and at home. It just gets frustrating sometimes when things aren't
the way you expect them to be. 
Okay, still tired, still running my mouth. Getting a cup of joe and
shutting up now. 
Ed (under the gun all the time) Croft, RHCE

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