Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions onSuSE incorrect?

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> Thanks, Bruce.
> Thanks again,
> Buck
Nah - LUG would be a Linux User's Group - although the IBM might be a
LUG, too -lol. Anyway- have you tried (er, ahem) Red Hat 9.0? You can
download the ISO's and burn them to CD. Since Fedora is based on RH
Consumer's Version, 9.0 might be a good place to start. I'm seriously
thinking about kicking myself in that direction. I need to load up a
laptop for my sister and mail it out to her. I was thinking of using
Fedora, but was kindly and gently reminded that Fedora is beta - so I'll
probably install RH, then go to Fedora when I visit her.

Strangely enough, I have RH 9 on the "LUG" (Thanks for updating me on
what it really is, LOL).  I have it successfully running as a file
server on a windows network.  Its my test puter so I want to try out
several versions to see how easy they are to install and operate.  I am
not doing so terribly well, I think I am spinning my wheels.  If it
weren't for the shake-up with RH I would have been spending more time
studying and less time on the list and downloading 6GB of SuSE.  

I'm not one to talk about trying RH. I haven't tried it yet - but it is
on my short list. I've tried 3 other distributions and have combed
through the "Running Linux 4th Edition" and "Multitool Linux" books. I
downloaded the RH9.0 ISO's, but will probably just buy a boxed set so I
can include a user's guide when I ship the laptop to my Sis.

>From what I have seen and heard, RHL was the best.  It saddens me to see
RH do this, but what can I say?  Well, good luck to you.


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