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On 05 Oct 2003 14:38:40 -0600, Bill Anderson wrote:

> However, as was stated this has gotten way OT, so any further question
> should be addressed privately.

Why should I? You have completely misunderstood my message,

> > > > And as three FAQ states, the "any third party" is a third party who has
> > > > received the binaries, not just Joe on the Street.
> > > 
> > > Well...  What if your wife (or anyone she distributed the binaries to)
> > > gave your written offer to someone else, without the binaries? :-)
> > > Wouldn't such a person still be entitled to get the sources?  Or how
> > > would you tell whether s/he actually got the binaries?
> > 
> > What if she gave away the complete product as received (not including
> > source, but including the written offer) and the CDs, which contain
> > the binaries, were not readable? ;)
> > 
> Read the above.

How about you? Did you read my comment? Did you notice the smiley
at the end?

> The full product *is* the binaries. If she distributes
> it by giving it to someone she, under the GPL, is *required* to pass on
> the offer for source.

The is what she does in my example.

> If she doesn't pass along the offer, she violates
> the GPL.

But in my example she does.

> We are assuming she does not do so,

She does, in my example. Same for Alexandre's example.

> since once someone starts
> doing that the comparison/question is fundamentally different. However,
> you are getting away from the point, very much so in fact. See below.
> > The thing is passed on to another 3rd party. Whether complete or not,
> > doesn't matter.
> No, the question is does someone who did *not* get the distribution have
> rights to the source?

*Bzzzz* Loop. The somewhat rhetoric reply to that was, is anyone who
receives only the written offer entitled to received the sources?

> The answer is plainly no according to the GPL and
> the FAQ. In the scenario described, you do not have anything.

Wrong. In Alexandre's example I have only the written offer. In my own
example I have unreadable/unusable binaries and the written offer.

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