Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at web.de
Tue Oct 7 13:05:04 UTC 2003

Lewi wrote:

> wrong screenshot, I will fix it :(
>but the problem is:
>3 button(close, max, min window) in window title, the position in maximize window not in the top right corner, but the position is little too left, so 
>the right window border doesn't have same vertical line with that three buttons
>it's needs to press maximize button again to get fine look
>(it happens in all apps)
>I'm using fedora beta 2, in nvidia card 
>(I try with nvidia and nv driver look same)
You are talking bout metacity I guess. Do you mean this one:
Try updateting to 2.6.2, if still not fixed feel free to reopen.


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