fedora versus fedora test

David.Grudek at anixter.com David.Grudek at anixter.com
Thu Oct 9 15:27:21 UTC 2003

"Considering the fact that every single package in rawhide is
currently maintained by Red Hat employees, and we are diligently
working every day to improve the Fedora Core release and fix as
many bugs as possible, I'm not sure exactly how "Redhat just lost
there ownership of the project" as you state above.  While we 
have opened up the project to the community, the infrastructure 
is not yet in place to allow external developers to maintain or 
contribute packages, and so for all intents and purposes, Fedora 
Core 1, is very much a distribution developed by Red Hat not much 
differently than Red Hat Linux 9, or Red Hat Linux 8.0, 7.x, etc."

Currently they are all maintained by Redhat but since they plan on turning 
it over to the public more, that will be a harder task to watch what all 
these guys are doing to every package that comes out.  Considering the 
fact that they are not even willing to support it any more for even the 30 
day installation shows their loss of ownership.  They keep close ties on 
the project so they have all testing on the packages for their commercial 
line.  I don't believe that it will be as stable as the OLD REDHAT because 
they will be letting so many people touch it and too many people be 
involved that it will be more likely to have bugs.  When Redhat was in 
full control they knew every change that happened.  With so many cooks in 
the kitchen you will never know everything that was changed always leaving 
some mess around.  They want to develop and let users use it for only the 
benefit of adding fully tested products to their enterprise edition.  If 
they really wanted to merge with a group to make stable and more advanced 
version of Linux that everyone could enjoy, why not merge with a group 
more similar to Debian.  They have a good and stable release but are 
lacking on the ease of use that someone like Redhat has.  This would be a 
better and more positive move forward for the Linux community.  They 
already have tons of developers that are working together on a common 
So far the project might be the same as Redhat 9 but the future is what I 
am referring to.  Like I said before   TOO many cooks in the kitchen will 
lead to a big mess.

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