XFS Please: Addition to Fedora/RedHat

Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at uleth.ca
Fri Oct 10 15:18:46 UTC 2003

Hi RedHat/Fedora Maintainers,

	I would be really really really grateful if you guys could switch on
support for the SGI-XFS file system in your redhat/fedora kernels by
default like you have an option for reiserfs and jfs in RedHat 9 and
other versions for example. The benefits would be great !

	If you couldn't do this would you be able to tell me/us why you guys
wouldn't be able to do so. That would be great. Thanxs !



Aly S.P Dharshi
aly.dharshi at uleth.ca
Southern Alberta Digital Library Project
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         that's short enough to be interesting
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