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Christopher K. Johnson ckjohnson at
Sun Oct 12 21:30:51 UTC 2003

Sean Middleditch wrote:

>On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 17:02, John Pantone wrote:
>>I installed Fedora Core (test) using the acpi=on option (and the 
>>resolution=1400x1050 option). Works fine, but has only the most minimalistic 
>>acpi support - not even battery status. Am I missing something, or is this 
>>support just not yet in the supplied kernel?
>It's not in the kernel; ACPI is just used for device enumeration.  I'm
>not personally sure why they did this, but the reasons can probably eb
>found in the list archives and/or the website.
>You can grab the source RPMs and rebuild with ACPI (perhaps even with a
>new ACPI patch); this is what I've done for my laptop, and it works
Actually I think acpi kernel support is there (at least it was in 
2.4.22-1.2061.nptl kernel), but some of it is modular, not monolithic. 
 You already have the acpi=on boot option necessary to enable acpi.  So 
you may just need to encourage loading of the right additional modules.

On a Compaq 2140us with 2.4.22-1.2061.nptl kernel I found that the 
necessary modules for battery and cpu and thermal management were not 
loaded automatically.  Try:
    modprobe battery
    modprobe ac
    modprobe thermal

If those work for you too, then you just need to make loading them 
automatic at next boot.  In my case lsmod showed that button.o was 
automatically loaded (another acpi feature related module) so I just 
added the following line to /etc/modules.conf:
    add above button battery ac thermal
This causes the loading of button.o at boot to load battery, ac, thermal 
(and thermal requires thus loads cpu) after it.  Which accomplishes 
exactly what I wanted.

Chris Johnson, RHCE #807000448202021

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