Fedora 0.94 & speedtouch and misc.

Nicolas Peninguy npml at free-anatole.net
Mon Oct 13 23:07:20 UTC 2003

Le sam 11/10/2003 à 15:31, Kibosh a écrit :

> - adsl connexion (modprobe bug?)
> I tried to install the speedtouch drivers from Benoit Papillaut. I
> followed a step-by-step configuration found here:


not related to your problem, but it might help :

Fedora Core has a speedtch.o kernel module which conflicts with Benoît
Papillault user mode driver. For me this module was loaded at startup,
so Benoît driver was not working.

So I just did a
rm /lib/modules/2.4.22-1.2061.nptl/kernel/drivers/usb/speedtch.o

Bonne chance !

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