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Jeff Lasman blists at
Thu Oct 23 21:35:08 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 20:25, Ben Russo wrote:

> I read some of your other posts, and I understand where you are
> coming from. I am a manager in a company that run's mission critical
> UNIX systems for financial institutions.
> Any downtime could cost thousands of dollars a minute.

...<balance snipped>...

Thanks for your good points, Ben.  I'm making an exception to my 
decision to not post on this thread anymore; your post is as close to 
ontopic as any I've seen on this list about the future of Red Hat 

If my control panels were available for, and supported under, RHEL, I'd 
probably find myself doing just what you're doing, especially we have 
local support for creating complete RH-compatible operating systems.

(A friend of mine, who may even be on this list, does the Red-Hat-alike 
distribution for one of the mail-order distribution houses; I'm sure 
he'd let me pay him to do the same for him <smile>.)

But the fact is that I can't get the support for the Control Panels for 

It was never my intent to rant on this list, and though a few people 
have written both on and off-list to let me know I brought up some good 
points, I'm not happy with what the thread has turned into.  I merely 
responded to someone who asked a question, and look where it's gotten 
me <wry grin>.

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