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Niels Weber nath at snafu.de
Fri Oct 24 12:31:34 UTC 2003

Am Fr, den 24.10.2003 schrieb Christoph Wickert um 14:12:
> Am Fr, den 24.10.2003 schrieb Niels Weber um 07:57:
> > Ok, the thing with text mode installation (at least on that machine):
> > 1. It doesn't allow to choose packages individually.
> I thought that option is gone anyway in fedora. Is it back again in test
> 3??? (Would be great!) But you are right: Text install is not as good as
> graphical  mode, e. g. configuration of the boot-manager.
In graphical mode, you can choose packages individually. In text mode
you can't.

> > 2. It always crashed on the second disk.
> I'll try a text mode next time. Did the same disc 2 work with graphical
> install? Would be very strange.
Yes it is. I ran the graphical install with the same disks without
problems. with the text based install, it crashed always during the
second disk but always at different packages.

> > What's the reason for using "fb" at the  installation? Is it considered
> > a bug (should I add it to bugzilla) if my system only installs with
> > "nofb"?
> I'm not sure about the use of fb. I don't think it's used or necessary 
> unless you set higher vga modes(? --duck&cover--). By the way: I'm using
> an old Elsa Erazor  TNT II Pro (Nvidia Riva 128 I think) and have no
> problems with the fb. Mayby you can try to boot with fb but disable it's
> use in X with
> Option          "UseFBDev"              "false"
> in the device section. Might be worth a try, but be sure to make a new
> entry for that in grub, so you can always go back if it doesn't work.
I'll have a look at that.

> > > I think the problem is your TFT, not the graphics card , but i cannot
> > The issue here seems to be that the "nv" driver doesn't work with the
> > digital out (and as I understand bugzilla won't until nvidia gives the
> > needed information to the XFree86 developers - so probably it will never
> > work).
> Well, then you have to change the monitor or need to install the nvidia
> driver first. Should not be a problem, if the second disc did not crash.
But it's not really the best solution... :(

> > That was the reason for my question / proposal: That the binary
> > nvidia-drivers should be available sometime during the installation.
> This will never happen, for it is proprietary code and fedora core is
> open source. Und das ist auch gut so;-)
It sure is. I wasn't talking about including the binary drivers into
fedora. I was talking about a way to make them available during install
time somehow.

BTW: Is the trademarked artwork of redhat less proprietary than the
Niels Weber <nath at snafu.de>

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