CUPS nightmare

Shawn Houston mhouston at
Sat Oct 25 16:31:57 UTC 2003

Reading from my rh9 pro manual you need to select the printer in the
printer config panel, and then select action->sharing in order to share
the printer on the network.

I assume this is the same in fc1.

By default the rh install of cups is localhost only.


On Sat, 2003-10-25 at 07:29, Bill Johnson wrote:
> I have a home network configured as follows:
> Server - running Fedora Core .95 beta.
> Laptop - running Redhat 8.0
> Connected via Netgear RP114(?) web safe router 
> Printer is HP841C connected to Server via usb
> Printing from laptop worked fine under previous config (Redhat 7.3 was on 
> previously on server, and printing was via lpd), but I cannot get printing 
> to work from laptop now.
> Cups is installed on server and printer works fine when printing from 
> server.  
> Printer has been configured on laptop every possible way, but will not 
> print.  Have read google posts, howtos, and cups docs for 2 days, but 
> nothing works.
> nmap shows port 631 on server, but DOES NOT show it on laptop.  Firewalls 
> are completely off on both laptop and server.
> Question 1 - Are there issues with doing this in fedora?  Am I hitting
> some known problem with the beta?
> Question 2 - Can I just abandon CUPS and use the old lpd? It worked 
> perfectly for me, and was not difficult to configure.  I can't seem to 
> find it on the new distro.  Is it not provided with fedora?
> Question 3 - Is the NETGEAR router a possible problem?  Could it be 
> blocking visibility to port 631?  Any suggestions about that if so?
> Question 4 - Is there anybody on this list who has managed to get a 
> similar printing scenario up and running?  
> Thanks in advance for the help.  Getting a printer to work should not be 
> this difficult.  I must be doing something terribly wrong, but can't 
> figure it out.  Obviously, if I can't print with fedora, I can't use 
> fedora, so I must resolve this.
> Regards,
> Bill Johnson
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